Madvillain [MF DOOM & Madlib] "Madvillainy" Instrumental LP

Madvillain [MF DOOM & Madlib] "Madvillainy" Instrumental LP

Vinyl LP - $14.99

The music on Madvillainy went against the grain of all popular conventions in contemporary hip-hop: short songs, dirty sound, no choruses, and with lyrical themes which were not always clear to everyone on first listen. The album received the highest critical praise of a hip-hop album released in 2004, and years later has continued to generate interest and controversy. - Stones Throw

Track Listing;

1. The Illest Villains

2. Accordion

3. Meat Grinder

4. Bistro

5. Raid (feat. Metaphoar)

6. America's Most Blunted (feat. Quasimoto)

7. Sickfit

8. Rainbows

9. Curls

10. Do Not Fire!

11. Money Folder

12. Shadows Of Tomorrow (feat. Quasimoto)

13. Operation Lifesaver / Mini Test

14. Figaro

15. Hardcore Hustle (feat. Wildchild)

16. Strange Ways

17. Fancy Clown (feat. Viktor Vaughn)

18. Eye (feat. Stacy Epps)

19. Supervillian

20. All Caps

21. Great Day

22. Rhinestone Cowboy


Type: Music

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