Maestro Fresh Wes "The Black Tie Affair" CD

Maestro Fresh Wes "The Black Tie Affair" CD

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The Black Tie Affair is the second studio album by the "Godfather of Canadian Hip Hop" Maestro Fresh-Wes. Originally released in 1991 on Attic/LMR Records the singles from the album include "Nothin' At All" and "Conductin' Thangs", which was nominated for Rap Recording of the Year at the 1992 Juno Awards. Most of the production was handled by Main Source's DJ K-Cut.


  1. Hors D'Ouevres
  2. On The Jazz Tip
  3. Conductin' Thangs
  4. Watchin' Zeroes Grow
  5. Private Symphony (Remix)
  6. Poetry Is Black
  7. The Black Tie Affair
  8. V.I.P.'S Only Feat. K-4ce
  9. L.T.D. Makes A Toast
  10. The Maestro Zone
  11. Nothin' At All Feat. George Banton
  12. Pass The Champagne
  13. An After Dinner Mint
  14. Care For A Night Cap

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