Magic In Threes "Magic In Threes" CD

Magic In Threes "Magic In Threes" CD

CD - $14.99

This is the perfect record for a lazy day. Could it be the soundtrack to a movie that may not exist? Could it be an instrument to clear the mind of all distractions? It's denitely an intriguing journey into the outer reaches of what a funk record is supposed to be. Simply put, this album dressed to impress.

Track Listing;

  1. Intro
  2. Nick's Theme
  3. Neal's Lament
  4. It's Good To Be The King
  5. (Untitled)
  6. I Got Warrants
  7. Rancho Relaxo
  8. Beatin' Tha Breaks
  9. (Untitled)
  10. Mesothelioma
  11. Pushin' Off
  12. Trinity Way

Type: Music

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