Makeba & Skratch "Ain't It Funky" Vinyl EP

Makeba & Skratch "Ain't It Funky" Vinyl EP

Vinyl EP - $19.99

Our 93rd release is from Syracuse NY's MAKEBA & SKRATCH!!! The Makeba & Skratch "Ain't it Funky EP" is a compilation EP featuring both tracks from their extremely rare "I Can't Stand it" 12" single, plus 3 songs that were only available as bonus tracks on the Mental Fitness CD & Cassette. All of the tracks were recorded between 1989-1991.

Side One: 

1) Ain't It Funky

2) I Can't Stand It

Side Two:

3) Changes

4) Knockout

5) You're In Good Hands With Skratch

Type: Music

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