Maker vs. Now-Again 3: "Now-Again Music Library Vol. 8" (CD)

Maker vs. Now-Again 3: "Now-Again Music Library Vol. 8" (CD)

CD - $14.99

Chicago-area beatsmith Maker's two entries into Now-Again's Music Library series showcase the verve with which this underground Chicago hip-hop producer undertook an exercise in boom-bap era aesthetics: he dug deep into the Now-Again catalog and found dusty drum breaks to underscore two bar loops. Maker Vs. Now-Again made the case that hip hop didn't necessarily have to fly into a dub-step inflected future if it was still having fun in its funky past. Maker Vs. Now-Again V.2 expanded beyond the American funk, soul and jazz that Now-Again was founded upon and included worldly grooves from far-flung locales like Nigeria, Brazil and Zambia flipped up by this hip hop classicist.

With his latest, Maker Vs. Now-Again V.3, we find that the producer grabbing from the best of both worlds, from the riches of the ever-expanding Now-Again catalog. This limited edition is CD is packaged in a gatefold eco-wallet package and is available in limited quantities. Once they're gone, they're gone.



1. A New Breed
2. King Fortune
3. Stones
4. Aquatic
5. Good Woman
6. Savage Fuzz
7. Kush
8. Love Is Moving
9. Gangster World
10. Life Lesson
11. Burning On
12. Dead or Alive
13. Survivor
14. Mercy
15. Circle of Success
16. Hot Box


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