Maria Isa "Split Personalities" CD

Maria Isa "Split Personalities" CD

CD - $9.99

A manifestation of her multifaceted talents and tastes, Mara Isa covers a wide gamut of musical genres and styles that never leave out her Latin roots, particularly in Puerto Rico's folkloric bomba ("Sabrosa"): from American R&B ("Wine and Cheap Champagne"), to tango-tinged Spanish-language hip hop ("Dicen de m"), reggaetn ("Yo lo quiero"), soul/reggatn fusion ("No son celos") and crunk hometown anthem (MN Nice). The result is a varied, engaging album, uniting her with stateside hip hop producers such as Benzilla, and The Goodfellas and guest MC's I Self Divine, Gitana MC, and Mavin MC, Puerto Rican hip hop artists Tek 1 and Velcro and renowned bomba singer Nellie Lebrn Robles, among others. - Emetrece Productions

Track Listing:

  1. Sabrosa
  2. Santa Maria
  3. La Verdad
  4. No Son Celos
  5. Yo Lo Quiero
  6. What's It Gonna Take
  7. This Feeling
  8. Ese Diablo
  9. Mal De Ojo
  10. Tres Preguntas
  11. Dicen De Mi
  12. MN Nice
  13. Die, Not Kill
  14. Que Tu Quieres De Mi
  15. Que Tu Quieres
  16. Wine and Cheap Champagne
  17. Luchamos

Type: Music

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