MC Destruction "Blow of Death" EP

MC Destruction "Blow of Death" EP

Vinyl - $24.99

Dope Folks' 83rd record comes from the Bronx, NY in 1990. MC DESTRUCTION had one 12" single released in 1990 on Black Wax Records. This is a reissue of this impossible to find single!

Recorded in 1989, these tracks have that pure Golden Era Hip Hop sound. Limited to 300 copies (50 colored copies/250 on standard black) and never to be repressed. Shout out to RA THE RUGGED MAN and ENCARNITA for making this project come to life!!!

Side One:

1) Blow Of Death

2) Maria

Side Two:

3) Murderin' MC's

4) Comin' Off


Type: Music

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