MC Shan "Q.B. O.G. The Best Of" CD

MC Shan "Q.B. O.G. The Best Of" CD

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ξM.C. Shan is a pioneer and epic figure in Hip Hop history. The original Queensbridge MC, as a teen he was signed to Cold Chillin' Records and joined his cousin/producer/NYC radio personality, Marley Marl's legendary Juice Crew.ξ


After releasing the classic 12"s "Beat Biter" and "Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing," Shan's debut album Down By Law dropped in 1987 on Cold Chillin'. Shan found himself a key player in the noted rivalry the 'Bridge Wars' between his Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions. The feud was started when Shan and Marley released a song called "The Bridge" (a B-Side to "Beat Biter," itself an answer record directed at L.L. Cool J.) KRS-One/BDP responded with "South Bronx," and Shan & Marley replied with "Kill That Noise," giving Down By Law even more legs.ξ


Shan's second album, Born To Be Wild, followed in 1988 and revealed a more B-Boy persona of Shan, with production once again by Marley Marl and boasting the title cut and the hit "Juice Crew Law." 1990's Play it Again, Shan displayed a more mature style, but it proved to be his last full length.ξ


This collection culls all the above singles as well as the 12" vinyl only releases "Cocaine," "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste" off the Colors Soundtrack as well as the the super rare "Even If I Tore It," the B-Side of "Time For Us To Defend Ourselves."ξ


The package is rounded off with exclusive previously unseen vintage photographs from the original Down By Law shoot by George DuBose.



1. He Cuts So Fresh

2. Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing

3. Cocaine

4. The Bridge

5. Beat Biter

6. Kill That Noise

7. Down By Law

8. I Pioneered This

9. Born To Be Wild

10. Juice Crew Law

11. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

12. Ain t It Good To You

13. Time For Us To Defend Ourselves

14. Time For Us To Defend Ourselves rmx

15. It Don't Mean A Thing


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