MC Mell'O' "Thoughts Released" CD

MC Mell'O' "Thoughts Released" CD

CD - $10.99

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1990 album from the British rapper including five bonus tracks. In a break from the norm, Mell'O' split the original vinyl LP into two distinct halves. The first catered directly to the straight-up Rap fiend, moving from the bare beats and rhymes of opener 'Our Time' through the ferocious 'A Total Eclipse Of The Art' and 'All Terrain MCs', cementing his status as one of the best battle-smart mic-spitters in the business. Yet Mell'O' showed another, more enduring dimension on the flip, peddling positivity by the pound on 'Subtraction' and summer anthem 'Open Up Your Mind'.

Track Listing;

  1. Our Time
  2. A Total Eclipse Of The Art
  3. Let The Crowd Catch Breath
  4. Voodoo Khan
  5. All Terrain M.C.S
  6. Open Up Your Mind
  7. Subtraction
  8. Acknowledge Yourself
  9. From The Heart
  10. Comin' Correct
  11. Wize
  12. Bizzie Rhymin'
  13. Slipt On Some Doo Doo
  14. Coming Up
  15. Words Spoken

Type: Music

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