Meaty Ogre "Leo Vs Pisces" CD

Meaty Ogre "Leo Vs Pisces" CD

CD - $12.99

Meaty puts down a full length album after releasing numerous split singles and handling production for various people including Qwel, Offwhyte and Sage Francis.ξ
Track Listing;

  1. Leo Prowls
  2. Pornounciation
  3. Teach Em
  4. Flibbertigibbit (feat. Robust)
  5. Amusing Ourselves To Death (feat. Inf Pwr)
  6. Swim Or Sleep
  7. Orion's Right Shoulder (feat. Qwel)
  8. Be Me, Leave
  9. Descending Son (feat. Denizen Kane)
  10. Go Cubbie Holes
  11. Raging Bull (feat. Actual Fact)
  12. Drumbilical Chord
  13. 5:00 AM Shadows
  14. Long Dirty Word (feat. Rift Napalm)
  15. Wheel of Misfortune
  16. Water Sine
  17. Suns On The Prowl (feat. Offwhyte)
  18. Memoirs of the Blind
  19. Mutable End (feat. Mestizo)
  20. Pisces Swims Away

Type: Music

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