MF 911 "The Rukus EP" Vinyl EP

MF 911 "The Rukus EP" Vinyl EP

Vinyl EP - $11.99

Mother F*%king emergency , mega force and 911 are the original suggested names given by Public EnemyŠ—Ès Chuck D to the Detroit hip hop trio known as MF 911.ξ

MF 911 made up of Ant Live, Mainy Main, and Ced Rat are one of the first groups to put the Š—“DŠ—? on the map way before the Eminem and Jay dilla era. Their 1993 debut album Idol The Blood Sport was produced by Ced-Gee from UltraMagnetic MCŠ—Ès on Next Plateau Records. This album is considered a classic. MF 911 thrived on sounding original, hardcore and most importantly kicking lyrical metaphors!! Although they had a classic album underneath their belts, that didnŠ—Èt stop them from getting caught up in the record industry politics. In 1996 when the group was at the end of recording there second album Š—“Theξ

RukusŠ—? Next Plateau Records was bought out by major label Mercury Records leaving there new album shelved without a home to release it. In 2011 MF 911 and Black Pegasus is proud to announce the licensing of this classic banger!!

Picking up where "Idol The Blood Sport" left off. ξThe Rukus takes you on a head boppin boom bap trip where hardcore attitude and lyrical competition is truly appreciated.

The Leed off track "Come On" produced by Track Master 30/30 (Wu Tang Clan Fame) is a slow melodic joynt that cruises while Ant Live and Mainy Mane give the fake "gangster rappers" a verbal beating. ξThe track "last man standing" is a soul groove dropped over the classic impeach the president drums with the crew describing the struggle to maintain in Detroit. ξThe self titled "The Rukus" showcases Mainy Mane on the solo tip rhyming over a gritty boom bap track with a dusted Method Man sample for the chorus. ξ"Real live Shit" is the street anthem with the hypnotic hook from the Group Home's "Super Star" adding the flavor with rugged video to accompany it.

As whole this Ep is rated A Plus for any hip hop lover of lyrical metaphors and funky head snapping beats!!

Track Listing:

A1: Come On

A2: Indian Tents

A3: We Bring The Rukus

A4: Real Live Shit

A5: Last Man Standing

B1: The Burner

B2: 45's & 38's

B3: Fairplay

B4: The Rukus

B5: 1970

Type: Music

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