MF Doom "Special Herbs Vol. 1&2" CD

MF Doom "Special Herbs Vol. 1&2" CD

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  • Vols 1&2 of Doom's Subliminal Instrumental is Back on CD Featuring Brand New Album Art! 

MF DOOM is the man in the iron mask. The most mysterious figure in hip-hop has also become one of the most popular, supplying beats and rhymes for Gorillaz, De La Soul, Madlib, Danger Mouse, and Wu-Tang Clan, and drawing praise from heavyweights like Just Blaze, Nas, and Mos Def. Since 2002, MF DOOM has released numerous volumes of Special Herbs, one of the longest-running instrumental series in hip-hop history. With obscure loops and dusty samples galore, Special Herbs is a must-have for any MF DOOM fan or hip-hop head.

Special Herbs Vol 1:

1) Saffron
2) Arrow Root
3) Zatar
4) Fenugreek
5) Sumac Berries
6) Coriander
7) Shallots
8) Charnsuka
9) Monosodium Glutamate

Special Herbs Vol 2:

1) Red #40
2) Nettle Leaves
3) Mullein
4) Mugwort
5) All Spice
6) Lovage
7) Eucalyptus
8) Myrrh

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