Michael Christmas "Is This Art?" Vinyl LP

Michael Christmas "Is This Art?" Vinyl LP

While the future pop stars of the world work on bleaching their teeth, Boston emcee Michael Christmas has an entirely different approach. The young Boston emcee can most likely be found rapping about Hot Pockets and the money he doesn't have, but that's exactly what makes him so remarkable. If you're looking for a rapper you can truly relate to, look no further.

Side A:

1) Y'All Trippin

2) Broke & Young

3) Michael Cera

4) Dr. Christmas, M.D. 

5) What's Happenin' 

6) Duck Duck Goose feat Rome Fortune

7) Taco Truck

Side B:

8) House Cleaning Music

9) Daily

10) Drunk

11) Still feat Mr. MFN

12) Leonard Washington

13) Overweight Drake

14) The World

15) Step Brothers feat Alex Wiley



Type: Music

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