Mint Condition "Music @ the Speed of Life"

Mint Condition "Music @ the Speed of Life"

CD - $18.99

Following in the tradition of such legends as Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang and The Commodores. Mint Condition has for over 20 years been the most popular R&B band on the landscape.

Track Listing;

  1. In the Moment
  2. Believe In Us (feat. Bobby Ross Avila)
  3. What I Gotta Do
  4. Blessed
  5. Slo Woman
  6. Girl of My Life (feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff)
  7. Believe In Us; reprise (feat. bobby Ross Avila)
  8. Completely
  9. Never Hurt Again (feat. Bobby Ross Avila)
  10. Nothin'
  11. Be Where You Are
  12. Never Hurt Again: reprise
  13. SixFortyNine/Changes (feat. Nathan Miller, Eric Leeds & Brother Ali)

Type: Music

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