Mobb Deep "Hell On Earth" CD

Mobb Deep "Hell On Earth" CD

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Hell On Earth's dark production lays the ground for both Havoc and Prodigy to catch wreck on this, their third album. Hav's in-your-face rhyme style and Pee's eerily monotonous flow bring drama to each of the 14 tracks. Visited by a wicked lineup of guest artists (including Nas, Raekwon and Method Man), Mobb Deep turn Hell On Earth into a lyrical battle field.

Track Listing:

1. Animal Instinct

2. Drop a Gem on 'Em

3. Bloodsport

4. Extortion

5. More Trife Life

6. Man Down

7. Can't Get Enough of It

8. Nighttime Vultures

9. G.O.D., Pt. 3

10. Get Dealt With

11. Hell on Earth (Front Lines)

12. Give It up Fast

13. Still Shinin'

14. Apostle's Warning

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