Mr. Chop "For Pete's Sake" CD

Mr. Chop "For Pete's Sake" CD

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Mr. Chop is a producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist behind several Now-Again and Jazzman Records releases. Recent work as a co-producer & co-writer on a series of tracks on Born Like This from MF DOOM (who called him the illest to grace the boards) led to a chance to rework psych funk, jazz and rock covers of producer Pete Rocks greatest beats, resulting in For Pete's Sake. His is a unique take that has led to an album that the heads will recognize by, say, the Tom Scott sax-line Pete Rock poached for T.R.O.Y., or a host of other sample-based calls and response that Chop has deconstructed and reassembled again. These tracks were recorded at his Cheshire, England-based Ape Studios with the likes of The Heliocentrics Malcolm Catto, Jake Ferguson and Mike Burnham, offering up a futuristic mixture of fuzzy psychedelia, funk and jazz, informed by years of record collecting and hip hop studies.


  1. For Pete's Sake
  2. Good Life
  3. Intermezzo 1
  4. T.R.O.Y.
  5. Intermezzo 2
  6. Main Ingredient
  7. Intermezzo 3
  8. Mecca and the Soul Brother
  9. Get On The Mic
  10. Intermezzo 4
  11. Straighten It Out
  12. Intermezzo 5
  13. Shut Em Down
  14. Intermezzo 6
  15. I Got A Love
  16. The World Is Yours
  17. Intermezzo 7

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