Mugo "United" CD

Mugo "United" CD

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It was in June 1971- Washington D.C.- 8 students at Mckinley Tech High were daydreaming of national fame. They spent countless hours in band practice, combining a highly energetic mass of instrumentalization, vocals and multi layered soul music calling themselves "The Sound Affect Band" at first. Later the group changed their name to "Mugo Kenyatta" meaning wise musicans in swahelli. They eventually shortened it Up to just "Mugo". Mugo hit the streets by the mid-1970's. Though slated to be the first of many releases on United Worldrecords, the single featuring "Organize" and "Space Travel" were the only releases. Their following music never left the master tape. By the 1980's the group disbands. And now in 2011 Kay Dee Records has put together these recordings making it an almost full album of unreleased material with the help of Kevin Coombe and Dave Griffiths. Featuring mixes from Kenny Dope at his Kay Dee studios.



1. Change

2. Organize

3. Space Travel

4. I Love Music

5. How Time Fly's

6. All About Love

7. Love Has Gone

8. Sing A Song

9. Water

Type: Music

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