Muja Messiah "God Kissed It The Devil Missed It" CD

Muja Messiah "God Kissed It The Devil Missed It" CD

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In the tradition of Nas, Gang Starr and dead prez, as well as newer artists like Freddie Gibbs and Schoolboy Q, Twin Cities veteran and hip hop purist, b-boy d-boy Muja Messiah continues to deliver vivid pictures of American urban environments. Muja Messiah follows up 2008's Thee Adventures of a Bboy Dboy with God Kissed It The Devil Missed It, produced entirely by Mike The Martyr (A.G./Kool G Rap).

Since then Muja Messiah has been busy with a string of mix tapes including MPLS Massacre Vol. 1 and M-16's. He has also released collaborative albums with Maria Isa as Villa Rosa on Blue Diamond Island and Empire Status debut Empire Status release with Bobby Raps (Audio Perm/Spooky Black). On GKITDMI Muja Messiah develops as a pop culture satirist, navigating his way through various street narratives to create a striking documentary of inner city politics, celebrating brown people, condemning police brutality, the American dollar, drug culture, US government, lack of trust and a love of traditional hip-hop, without the gimmicks. It features assists from Brother Ali, Boots Riley (The Coup), I Self Devine, Maria Isa, Planet Asia, Nazeem and Mike The Martyr.
Muja Messiah's GKITDMI captures the voice of people still searching for their own truth.

Track Listing:

1. Messiah Complex

2. God's Work

3. King Joffrey

4. Pocket Full Of Slave Owners ft. Brother Ali & Boots Riley (The Coup)

5. Northside Nightmares

6. The Bible Belt

7. Children Of The Corn ft. Nazeem

8. Fire Mountain

9. Dinnertime ft. Mike The Martyr, Felipe Cuauhtli & Maria Isa

10. It Goes Down ft. I Self Devine

11. Gilbert Godfrey

12. Live And Let Live

13. I Don't Trust Trust

14. Sharkmeat ft. Maria Isa

15. The Hawk ft. Planet Asia & Father Time

16. Hate Me Now Love Me Later


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