Muja Messiah "PyrExpeditioN" (CD)

Muja Messiah "PyrExpeditioN" (CD)

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The self proclaimed “Bob Dylan in Polo linen” has once again returned to puncture holes through your comfort zone, by simply going places a lot of rappers won’t go. “Pay homage to the modern day Islamic/Marvin Gaye prophet of rage/Isaac Hayes at the Forum” on the track MCRNM. "PyrExpedition" is the prequel to the Saran Rap project produced by Roc Marciano on Man Bites Dog Records.
  • Welcome to PyrExpeditioN...The Road To Saran Rap
  • Produced By Tek 
  • (Champion Produced By Jesslisten) 
  • (Don't Close The Door Produced By Buddha Tye) 
  • Written By Muja Messiah For Brooklyn Dark Ent. 
  • Feat. Tek, MetaSota, Jesslisten, Yrak Saenz, & Maria Isa 
  • Additional Vocals By Brazil, Lady Midnight, P_Murda, Aqua Fresh, Rude Boy And Daniel "The Juice" Simmons 
  • Mixed And Mastered By Jesslisten at the Co-Op 
  • Sound Verite Records 
  • Executive Produced by Muja And Delano Lee


  1. Micro Wave 
  2. MCRNM 
  3. PyrExpeditioN (Brick In Da Bag) 
  5. I Rap U Rap 
  6. 2Die4 (Mia Culpa) Feat.Tek 
  7. NotOnMyWatch
  8. Please Don't Feat.MetaSota
  9. BirdWatchin Feat.Jesslisten 
  10. Don't Close The Door 
  11. MN WILD 
  12. Ca$hDro Feat.Yrak Saenz n Maria Isa 

Type: Music

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