New Edition "Candy Girl" Vinyl LP

New Edition "Candy Girl" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $19.99

When Maurice Starr uncovered the talents of a Roxbury vocal group in the early
'80s at a talent show at Dorchester’s storied Strand Theater he saw the second
coming of the Jackson 5. The boys didn’t win the completion (they came in second)
but they did win a deal with Starr & Streetwise records. Starr came up with the
name New Edition (as in a new edition of the Jackson 5) and started recording with
the boys the day after the talent show at the Strand. This group of kids (all under
15) had their first single “Candy Girl” shoot to #1 on the Billboard R&B Charts. This
led them to their debut album, also titled Candy Girl, which had a lot of pop/early hip
hop influences, yet still has a classic R&B feel.

Other hits such as “Popcorn Love” and “Ohh Girl” and the slow burner of “Is This
the End” make this album well rounded and no surprise as to why they went on to
become one of the biggest R&B groups ever. The success of New Edition led to
Bobby Brown’s solo career, the success of Bell Biv DeVoe and served as a template
for the “boy bands” that followed. But don’t let that last line fool you, this album
packs a bite with solid production and hooks for days.


1) Gimme Your Love
2) She Gives Me A Bang
3) Is This The End
4) Pass The Beat
5) Popcorn Love



1) Candy Girl
2) Ooh Baby
3) Should Have Never Told Me
4) Gotta Have Your Lovin’
5) Jealous Girl

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