Noel Ellis "Noel Ellis" Vinyl LP

Noel Ellis "Noel Ellis" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $19.99
  • Includes the original version of Š—“Dance With MeŠ—? (sampled in Kanye WestŠ—Ès Grammy nominated single Š—“All DayŠ—?)
  • New edition to celebrate 10 years since our first reissue
  • Restored original album artwork and expanded to a Stoughton gatefold Š—“tip-onŠ—? jacket
  • Includes updated liner notes by Kevin Š—“SipreanoŠ—? Howes and archive photos

Noel Ellis features six dub-loved, heavy yet ethereal tracks, with contributions from OG reggae maestros Jackie Mittoo, Willi Williams, and Johnny Osbourne. The eponymous classic lost full-length includes the hugely influential Š—“Rocking UniversallyŠ—?, whose rhythmic influence was Willi WilliamsŠ—È Š—“Armagideon TimeŠ—? (covered by The Clash). The poignantly autobiographical Š—“MemoriesŠ—? (about NoelŠ—Ès upbringing in Jamaica) is a highpoint as well. Š—“Stop Your FightingŠ—? was a universal anti-materialism/war plea that we should still heed today, while Š—“Marcus GarveyŠ—? was delivered in NoelŠ—Ès playful style, despite a solemn rallying cry of Š—“Africa it must be freeŠ—_Š—?

Noel Ellis evoked a transcendent majesty, and the albumŠ—Ès economical performances were a blessing compared to certain overproduced recordings of the era. Tasteful keys, varied percussion, essential echo, conquering dub changeovers, and NoelŠ—Ès impeccable mic control gave an otherworldly twist to SummerŠ—Ès remarkable drum and bass sound. It was an end-to-end burner for midnight tokers and cool rulers alike.


  1. ξTo Hail Salassie
  2. ξStop Your Fighting
  3. ξRocking Universally
  4. ξMarcus Garvey
  5. ξDance With Me
  6. ξMemories

Type: Music

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