O.C. "Word... Life" CD

O.C. "Word... Life" CD

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Word...Life is one of those slept on albums from the early 90's that was often compared to Nas' Illmatic, and slowly became a sought after favorite amongst hip hop fans everywhere. Produced almost entirely by D.I.T.C staple Buckwild, and receiving a huge push from already majorly respected names and contributors Lord Finesse and Organized Konfusion, the album featured solid production and the Queens mc's sophisticated flow and storytelling rhymes throughout.

Track Listing:

1. Creative Control

2. Word...Life

3. O-Zone

4. Born 2 Live

5. Time's Up

6. Point O Viewz

7. Constables

8. Ga Head

9. No Main Topic

10. Let It Slide

11. Ma Duke

12. Story

13. Outtro

14. Born 2 Live


Type: Music

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