Ohbliv "Retrospective" 2X Vinyl LP

Ohbliv "Retrospective" 2X Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $21.99
  • Ohbliv's Greatest Hits Are Now Available on Vinyl for the First Time Ever!

Paxico Records is proud to bring you Retrospective, a survey of the silky, home-spun productions signature of Richmond legend Ohbliv. These are his greatest hits, pressed on vinyl for the first time. Presented on double LP with mesmerizing labels, the album is 28 tracks hand-picked by the artist and label head Chris Hund, marking his most expansive career anthology to date.

Ohbliv is a lone prospector in the realm of beats - a producer’s producer, an innovating force in an ever multi-hyphenating sound. After 30+ beat tapes, various side projects and an exceedingly lovely radio show delivered over the course of a decade, Ohbliv heads may know the calling cards: a telepathic ear for samples, devastating harmonics, spirit-shaking drums and the raw, tactile energy he manages to wrangle from a 404.

With assiduous technique and ferocity of heart, he crafts experiences that speak to whispers of the soul and messages from the cosmos. Here his works are lovingly collected in an effort to bring forth the glowing soul and versatile spirit of the artist, inviting you to bask in the vision.

“Mesmerizing.” –The Fader

“Sickening groove.” –Okay player

“There’s nothing really like an Ohbliv beat.” –AdHoc

Track List:

1) 94 Bubble Jacket With The GoreTex
2) Afrofreeq
3) DreamReal
4) Weed
5) Strange Heart
6) It Will Set You Free
7) Don’tdo.mewrong
8) Fate Fer Breakfast
9) Cacao
10) Raw Zeta
11) Time Tourists
12) Sunhymn
13) Skeetersbeatcd
14) Don’t Take My Love For Granted
15) Siriusly B
16) Chills
17) Inner Work
18) Silent Crowns
19) Chokmah
20) TakeMeOhm
21) My Heart Can’t Take
22) Whatchumean
23) Moundbuilders
24) Amethyst
25) Koolout Ish
26) You Me And The Dog
27) Erb Magik
28) My Love (Ware)

Type: Music

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