Oliver St. Louis "Black Music" (EP)

Oliver St. Louis "Black Music" (EP)

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Olivier St.Louis (the artist formerly known as Olivier Daysoul) releases his Debut EP.

Olivier was born in Washington DC of Haitian and Cameroon heritage, but spent most of his childhood studying in the remote countryside of the UK. During his youth Olivier's CD and sometimes cassette collection would range from hip hop, RnB to Garage and British rock. Olivier remained in the Uk and completed a Bio Science Degree in Oxford but couldnŠ—Èt suppress his real passion for music. After graduation he began a 'Jekyll and Hyde' life. A scientist by day; recording artist by night. He went on to receive significant international attention for his work as a featured singer/songwriter back then still under the name Olivier Daysoul. He worked and toured worldwide with various artists including Oddisee, C2C, Onra and Bibio, Hudson Mohawke as such as other producers from the Warp Records family. Despite all of this, Olivier felt something was missing...A true reflection of his own voice and sound. A hiatus from feature recordings and some deep introspection found Olivier discovering his love for blues, rock and funk. Many late night guitar sessions resulted in new soundscapes. A new chapter was opening. The former 'Daysoul' moniker exchanged for his original birth name 'St.Louis'. Producing and writing all his own music and playing his own instrumentation; Olivier St.Louis was embarking on a new road. The Black Music EP coming out on Jakarta Records gives listeners both old and new a taste of Olivier's true music palate. When asked his thoughts on his artistry he states:"no punches pulled ...no compromises ... Just me.Š—?

1. Ain't Cool
2. Dog In Man
3. Ship Is Going Down
4. The Proud

Type: Music

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