Omniscence "Raw Factors" Pt 2 Vinyl LP

Omniscence "Raw Factors" Pt 2 Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $16.50

Another Dope Folks sure shot!

Here comes PART 2 of the OMNISCENCE "RAW FACTORS" series!!! All tracks are previously unreleased!!! Limited to 350 copies featuring 6 Tracks in all (3 vocal, 3 instrumental). Don't miss out on this piece of Hip Hop history! FE only has 5 copies of these.

Track Listing:

  1. Nuff Love
  2. My Main Man
  3. When I Make Parole
  4. Nuff Love Instrumental
  5. My Main Man Instrumental
  6. When I Make Parole Instrumental

Type: Music

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