One Sixth / The Public Opinion Six "Cosmetic Love / Jappo" 7 Inch Vinyl + DL Card

One Sixth / The Public Opinion Six "Cosmetic Love / Jappo" 7 Inch Vinyl + DL Card

7 Inch Vinyl - $7.99
  • 7 Inch Vinyl Includes a Download Card! 
  • This release comes from 2 members of Australia’s premier Afrobeat group, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra (POAO).
  • POAO have been nominated for an Aria, and One Sixth won the prestigious Hilltop Hoods Initiative & has been well received in the hip hop community.

It’s been a long time between drinks for Melbourne’s mighty Afrobeat juggernaut The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra (The POAO). To get everyone warmed up for next year’s much anticipated LP release, two of the group’s vocalists: rapper 1/6, and singer / percussionist Lamine Sonko, are fronting alternate sides of a split 7 Inch. They have created a highly nutritious Afro freaky snack to keep enthusiasts of all things raw and righteous satisfied till the main course arrives.

The A Side, “Cosmetic Love,” is a rumination on the nature of relationships by one of Australia’s leading rap lyricists 1/6. The track’s life began as a jam session that went to tape in the early days of the Hope Street studio, based on an idea by PutBacks guitarist Tom Martin. The session lay unused for years until 1/6 came across it and threw down these inspired rap verses. Public Opinion producer and musical director, Tristan Ludowyk, laid in some organ, additional percussion and brass and suddenly “”Cosmetic Love”” wasn’t just a song, it was an A-side. An A-side born of happy accident.

The B side features The Public Opinion Six, formerly The Afrobiotics. The rhythm section starts with the same idea as the A Side and re-imagines it, creating a whole new song. With lyrics written and performed by Lamine Sonko, “Jappo,” in the Senegalese language of Wolof means “unite”. Behind Lamine’s straight-out-of-Dakar vocal stylings, The Public Opinion Six brings a heavy 1970's Lagos influenced groove, creating a pumping Pan-African melange - sure to get motors running everywhere, from West Africa to worldwide.

Side A: 

1) One Sixth - "Cosmetic Love"

Side B:

2) The Public Opinion Six - "Jappo"

Type: Music

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