Orquesta el Macabeo "Salsa Macabra"

Orquesta el Macabeo "Salsa Macabra"

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Orquesta el Macabeo is the hottest salsa band from Puerto Rico since the beloved "Salsa Gorda" was silenced in the eighties by the romantic salsa genre. This revival of original salsa came from the least expected place; the underground music scene.

Most of the musicians of this Orchestra come from hardcore/punk, ska, reggae and other types of music that are not learned at music school. The arrangements are as fresh as they can be and the lyrics are a sincere and accurate depiction of modern puertorrican life and attitude.

This album is a "must have" for salsa fans who long for the great songs of the past, it's a must have for the underground music fan, because of the Orchestra's DIY attitude and amazing indie cred. Finally, this album is a must have because everyone can enjoy it, even if they don't speak the language. It is fun, intelligent music for the free spirited, indie music that is universally liked.


Track Listing:

1. Charlatan

2. La noche

3. Macabionico

4. Se pone dificil

5. Swing

6. La Culpa

7. Supermercado

Type: Music

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