Outerspace "My Brother's Keeper" CD

Outerspace "My Brother's Keeper" CD

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Outerspace is the two-man duo of rappers Planetary and Crypt the Warchild. Known for their rugged, one-two combination of tight, rhythmic punches and precision vocal deliveries, Outerspace has been a mainstay of the Philadelphia hip-hop scene for close to two decades. Their journey began in the early 90's where street ciphers and open mics were the testing ground. Local spots like Philadelphia's Footwork venue saw the two MCs raise themselves from novice poets to full-fledged rappers. It was also at Footwork where the two had a fortuitous encounter with Jedi Mind Tricks front man Vinnie Paz after which an alliance was formed that still remains strong to this day. Now, Outerspace is set to release their latest LP ''My Brother's Keeper'' through Vinnie Paz's imprint, Enemy Soil. ''My Brother's Keeper'' is in the same vein of the indelible indie hip-hop Outerspace has become known for which is equal parts hardcore rap and crowd-raising anthems. The 13-track album features appearances from underground rap veterans ILL BILL (Non-Phixion/La Coka Nostra), Vinnie Paz, and Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm), along with fellow members of the popular Army of the Pharaohs clique including Esoteric, Apathy, Doap Nixon and King Syze paired with rising emcees like Connecticut's Blacastan and Houston's own V-Zilla.


  1. My Brother's Keeper
  2. Mossberg Solution (feat. Vinnie Paz) 
  3. Cold Day in Hell 
  4. Demonic Prophecies (feat. Ill Bill) 
  5. Behead the Kings 
  6. Slap 'em Up (feat. Doap Nixon) 
  7. Get Ridiculous (feat. Apathy) 
  8. Written in Blood
  9. Bodega Gospel (feat. Blacastan & Esoteric) 
  10. World of Fear
  11. Lost Angels (feat. Sick Jacken) 
  12. Clear out (feat. King Syze & V Zilla) 
  13. Heaven 

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