Oxygen & DJ Spinna "Chicken Scratch" 7 Inch Yellow Vinyl

7" - $11.99
Here we find the highly anticipated second release from theξdynamic duo SPOX PHD.

Š—“Chicken ScratchŠ—? displays emcee OxygenŠ—Ès masterful lyricismξshowcasing a barrage of crafty, rapid fire word play with Dj Spinnaξcutting up doubles of an obscure chicken clucking drum break.ξThatŠ—Ès all. Very simple formula. Quite reminiscent of an early 80Š—Èsξpark jam, but with a modern edge.ξThe B-side Š—“Actual FactŠ—? is reminiscent of a short feature filmξfrom 2 of hip hopŠ—Ès elite directors. With mc Apani B Fly makingξa guest appearance, this is an honest compact testimony fromξOxygen reflecting on his life story and crossroads heŠ—Ès confrontedξover the last 2 decades. ThereŠ—Ès no debating his veteran statusξand this song offers some insight to aspiring artists and listenersξwhoŠ—Èll relate to the daily effort of being true to who you are whenξyour environment doesnŠ—Èt always promote your agenda. Spinnaξprovides an instrumental thick in texture opening with syncopatedξpiano chords and punchy drums as the foundation for his signatureξaccompaniment from multiple sound sources. Listeners shouldξnote the use of the rolling kick throughout the drum sequencing.ξThis resumes comfortably where their last 7Š—? left off and mustξhave for fans of authentic NY hip hop.

Track Listing:


1. Chicken Scratch
2. Actual Fact (feat. Apani B Fly)

Type: Music

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