Pazazz "Kenny Dope Remixes" Vinyl LP

Pazazz "Kenny Dope Remixes" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $13.99
  • Late Š—…70s Deep Miami Disco Remixed by Kenny Dope - Includes Download Card For Remixes AND Original Versions!

This is the first official reissue of PazazzŠ—Ès deep disco two sider, originally released as an obscure, promotional-only 7Š—? single in South Florida circa 1980. And, while it took nearly two years, this 12Š—? contains the excellent Kenny Dope's remixes of both tracks. Naturally, Kenny brought the funkiest parts of each track to the fore and, while they're DJ friendly, they're now our preferred way to listen to these tunes.

We're using this as an excuse to relaunch our Soul Cal series (though fans of our physical releases will note that there was a Soul Cal logo on the Split Decision Band 7" we recently issued). Hopefully we'll have more of these types of records to reissue in the future.

Tony Castellanos (guitar and vocals) and Tim Boynton (bass and vocals) founded the Zanzibar band in Miami, Florida, in 1974 for gigs at the Bahia Cabana Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, with the addition of Rick Gritz (drums and vocals). Inspired by the likes of Bill Withers and Steely Dan, Zanzibar played a soulful series of club dates and private parties as well as a their requisite beach hotel gigs at Miami area staples like the Fontainebleau, the Eden Rock and the Marco Polo hotel.

In the late 70s, Castellanos changed the name of the band to Pazazz and, while the band was working for the Norwegian Cruise Line, he penned the bandŠ—Ès first single Š—“So Hard To Find.Š—? This and Š—“The Right One,Š—? written by interim drummer Al Varon, who played on the single, were recorded and readied for release on a silver Pazazz label, complete with picture sleeve. It wasnŠ—Èt until Castellanos received five hundred copies of the single that he realized that the record was flawed. He demanded a second press run Š—– this time issued on a red Pazazz label Š—– but it too was, in Castellanos opinion, flawed. So the band decided against any sort of release, opting to gift copies of both versions to fans at their gigs.

The band split in 1981 and forgot about their single until Los Angeles record collector Mike Vegh found a random copy of the record and, impressed by the steady funk of PazazzŠ—Ès soulful disco, tracked down Castellanos and brokered the purchase of the last remaining copies of his records. Vegh connected us with the man and weŠ—Ère happy to represent PazazzŠ—Ès small, but great, catalog on this special 12Š—?.


1) So Hard To Find


1) The Right One


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