Pete Rock & CL Smooth "The Main Ingredient" (2X Vinyl LP)

Pete Rock & CL Smooth "The Main Ingredient" (2X Vinyl LP)

2X Vinyl LP - $25.99

The Main Ingredient picks up right where Mecca And The Soul Brother left off, continuing classic back to back releases from the duo. Characterized by sultry soul and jazz samples, The Main Ingredient saw a more polished sound from Pete & CL, building on the praise they got from All Souled Out & Mecca And The Soul Brother.

Right off the bat "In The House" sets off the album with Pete's trademark hypnotic drums (with a little help from a Q Tip vocal sample) and CL's elegant delivery. Yes elegant. The Main Ingredient is full of countless hits; "Caramel City", "I Get Physical", "Get On The Mic", "Worldwide" and the singles "I Got A Love", "Take You There" and "Searching" all show that the duo is unstoppable together. As Pete puts it “We were in a zone, and when you're in a zone, it's fun. It was a great time, and we put the album together with just that in mind. It was like a family thing, and music was a hobby, not a job. We kept it like we were in the basement, creating music just for the fun of it".


  1. In The House
  2. Carmel City 
  3. I Get Physical 
  4. Sun Won't Come Out 
  5. I Got A Love 
  6. Escape 
  7. The Main Ingredient 
  8. Worldwide 
  9. All The Places 
  10. Tell Me
  11. Take You There 
  12. Searching
  13. Check It Out
  14. In The Flesh 
  15. It's On You 
  16. Get On The Mic

Type: Music

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