Piero Montanari "Ghosthouse (1988 Original Soundtrack)" (2x Vinyl LP)

Piero Montanari "Ghosthouse (1988 Original Soundtrack)" (2x Vinyl LP)

Vinyl - $24.99
  • 180 gram Electric shock blue / Candle glow yellow
  • First time the score has been available on vinyl
  • Audio pulled from original master tapes
  • Liner notes by Montanari and Lenzi
  • Gatefold packaging by Stoughton

The score to the 1988 cult classic Italian horror film by Umberto Lenzi, Ghosthouse. Visions of a deceased girl and her doll bring doom to the visitors of a deserted house. Pressed on Š—“Electric Shock Blue & Candle Glow YellowŠ—? 180 gram vinyl.


  1. Ghost No. 1ξ
  2. House No. 1ξ
  3. Nenia Suspense
  4. House No. 2ξ
  5. Ghost No. 2ξ
  6. House No. 3ξ
  7. Fish Dreams
  8. Party Houseξ
  9. Ghost Fearξ
  10. Nice To Meetξ
  11. Locked Up
  12. Electrosound N. 1
  13. Ghost N. 3ξ
  14. House N. 3
  15. Electrosound N. 2
  16. Ghost N. 3ξ
  17. Black And Redξ
  18. Ghost End

Type: Music

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