PMD "Shade Business" 2X CD

PMD "Shade Business" 2X CD

2X CD - $14.99

Track Listing:

1. Shadé Business

2. In The Zone

3. Steppin’ Thru Hardcore

4. Respect Mine

5. Here They Cum (Feat. Das EFX)

6. Back To The Rap

7. I’ll Wait (Feat. Zone 7)

8. I Sw It Cummin’

9. Swing Your Own Thing

10. Fake Homeyz (Feat. Top Quality & 3rd Eye)

11. Phuck It Up Scratch (Interlude)

12. Back Up Or Get Smacked Up

13. Throught I Lost My Spot

14. No Shorts And No Sleep

15. Shadé Business (The Beatnuts Remix)

16. I Saw It Cummin’ (Zone Mix)

17. I Saw It Cummin’ (Back Alley Bozack Mix)

18. I Saw It Cummin’ (Underground Funk Mix)

19. Swing Your Own Thing (Izum Remix)

20. Many Often Wonder

Type: Music

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