Poetic Menace "Rymezof (Daassassin)" Vinyl

Poetic Menace "Rymezof (Daassassin)" Vinyl

Vinyl - $14.00

POETIC MENACE is one of the most hard to find records from DETROIT, MI. Originally released in 1992 by Double Gee Records in Detroit. This is a straight-up reissue of POETIC MENACE'S classic 12". 6 Tracks in all, limited to 300 vinyl copies. Get yours today!

Track Listing:

Side One:

1. Rymezof (Daassassin)

2. Kinda Funky

3. Takin' No Shorts

Side Two:

1. Rymezof (Daassassin) Radio Version

2. Rymezof (Daassassin) Instrumental

3. Daassassin Wicked Jeep Version

Type: Music

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