Prof & St. Paul Slim "Recession Music" CD

Prof & St. Paul Slim "Recession Music" CD

CD - $10.00

The album was executive produced by Ant of Atmosphere, features production by Ant, Mux Mool, as well as work by Prof and Slim themselves. Good Stuff

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Everybody Down
  3. Horses in the Ghetto
  4. Fire
  5. My Heart Remix
  6. Broadcasting feat. POS
  7. Demons Remix
  8. Test Flight
  9. Rocketman feat. Yelawolf
  10. A Month from Now
  11. Superstyle
  12. Is This Mic On
  13. Marilyn
  14. Kelly Kapowski feat. Slug and Big Zach
  15. Motor

Type: Music

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