Quakers "S/T" CD

Quakers "S/T" CD

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Fuzzface is better known as PortisheadŠ—Ès Geoff Barrow, a long-time Stones Throw supporter in touch with Peanut Butter Wolf since championing the Jaylib album back in 2004. 7-Stu-7 is PortisheadŠ—Ès engineer and in-house producer at Invada Records in the UK. Katalyst is one of the most respected producers in Australia and aξpartner in Invada Records.

Disillusioned with much of the hip-hop around them, the like minded producers set out to create the type of rap record theyŠ—Èd want to listen to. That meant gathering one of the most varied arrays of talent ever seen on a hip-hop record. Rather than justξsending beats to the hottest names of the moment, the producers sought out genuine collaborators, regardless of whether they were legendary or simply stumbled upon around the world wide web. Invitations were sent out to golden era legends such as Prince Po and The PharcydeŠ—Ès Booty Brown, indie rap titans such as Dead Prez and Phat Kat, and of course some of Stones ThrowŠ—Ès finest: Aloe Blacc, Guilty Simpson, MED and newest signings Jonwayne and Dave Dub all make memorable contributions. There are also some lesser known talents present: band-favorite Coin Locker Kid, Lyric Jones, Estee Nack & more hold it down with their more celebrated peers.

Yet for all the vocal talent, itŠ—Ès often QuakersŠ—È stellar production that takes center stage, tying together the album's 41 tracks into a cohesive whole. Heavy beats come thick and fast, from the horn-heavy stomp of Š—“Fitta HappierŠ—? to the devastating synthesizer abuse of Š—“Belly of the BeastŠ—? and beyond.


Quakers music first appeared in BanksyŠ—Ès 2011 film Exit Through The Gift Shop and, in case youŠ—Ère wondering, the name comes from Š—…earthquakeŠ—È. TheyŠ—Ère here to shake the foundations.


Track Listing:

1. Introξ

2. Big Cat - f/ Synato Wattsξ

3. Fitta Happier - f/ Guilty Simpson & MEDξ

4. Smoke - f/ Jonwayneξ

5. The Loξ

6. Russia With Love - f/ Coin Locker Kidξ

7. What Chew Want - f/ Tone Tankξ

8. Flapjacksmmξ

9. Jobless - f/ Quite Nyceξ

10. Sidewinder - f/ Buff1ξ

11. Mummy - f/ Diverseξ

12. Belly of the Beast - f/ Emilio Rojasξ

13. Up The Roversξ

14. The Turk - f/ King Magneticξ

15. There It Is - f/ The Champsξ

16. RIPξ

17. I Like To Dance - f/ Krondon & General Steeleξ

18. Dark City Lights - f/ Frank Nittξ

19. The Beginning - f/ Coin Locker Kidξ

20. Kreemξ

21. War Drums - f/ Phat Kat & Guilty Simpsonξ

22. R.A.I.D. - f/ Lyric Jonesξ

23. Freshξ

24. Something Beautifulξ

25. Chicken Livers - f/ FC The Truthξ

26. Rock my Soul - f/ Prince Poξ

27. Lost and Found - f/ Estee Nackξ

28. My Mantra - f/ Dave Dubξ

29. Hunnypots of Beeswaxξ

30. TV Dreaming - f/ Bootie Brown (The Pharcyde)ξ

31. Don't Make It Worthlessξ

32. Soul Power - f/ dead prezξ

33. Glideξ

34. Get Live - f/ Coin Locker Kidξ

35. Sign Language - f/ Aloe Blaccξ

36. Earth Quaking - f/ Akil (Jurassic 5)ξ

37. You're Gonna Be Sorryξ

38. Outlaw - f/ Deedξ

39. The Tax Man - f/ Sareem Poemsξ

40. Chucky Balboa - f/ Silverustξ

41. Oh Goodness - f/ Finale

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