Quasimoto "The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas"

Quasimoto "The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas"

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Second full-length album by Quasimoto and Madlib. The Further Adventures plays something like a smoked-out comedy/crime Blaxploitation flick, with Madlib and Quas in a more chaotic state then on The Unseen.

Further Adventures thrills some, confuses and frustrates others, and in the end, continues to cement Madlib's reputation as one of the most creative and fearlessly skewed creators in hip-hop.


Track Listing: 

1.  Bullyshit

2.  Greenery

3.  Crime

4.  Hydrant Game

5.  Don't Blink

6.  Players Of The Game

7.  Bus Ride

8.  Closer feat. Madvillain

9.  Maingirl

10.  Civilization Day

11.  Bartender Say

12.  1994

13.  Another Demo Tape

14.  Raw Deal

15.  Mr. Two-Faced  

16.  The Exclusive feat. MED

17.  Fatbacks

18.  J.A.N. (Jive Ass Niggaz)

19.  Shroom Music

20.  Rappcats Pt. 3

21.  Strange Piano

22.  Life Is...  

23.  The Clown (Episode C)

24.  Raw Addict Pt. 2

25.  Tomorrow Never Knows  

26.  Privacy Quasimoto


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