Qunestine Strong "One Hundred Years From Now" 7 Inch Vinyl

Qunestine Strong "One Hundred Years From Now" 7 Inch Vinyl

7 Inch Vinyl - $10.99

Like most great undiscovered soul 45s, Qunestine Strong's "A Thousand Years From Now" musically derives from the church, 1960's R&B, and the iconic Motown sound. Lawrence Carroll, one of the song’s writers and the producer, was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Detroit to become a studio drummer for Motown Records where he played from 1965 until 1971. Carroll returned home to Phoenix in 1971, two years later he met Qunestine Strong in church. He saw great potential in the unassuming 24 year-old choral singer and partnered alongside Pete James, Ernie Johnson, and Eddie Campbell (of Eddie & Ernie fame), together they came up with an idea for a new song about a man and woman falling out of love. Carroll went into the studio with arrangers Prince Shell and Virgil Lane to compose an 18-piece psychedelic soul orchestration. Limited to just an 8-track recorder, Carroll was forced into innovation and worked to overdub all 18 instruments accordingly. Six months later, Carroll returned to the studio to add a piano line before issuing the instrumental track on a separate 45. This laborious studio magic has been remasted and fittingly repackaged by Truth & Soul Records, another T&S sureshot.

Track Listing:

A: One Hundred Years From Now

B: Instrumental

Type: Music

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