Qwel & Kip Killagain "The New Wine" CD

Qwel & Kip Killagain "The New Wine" CD

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Qwel returns to the forefront with "The New Wine", the 3rd in the series that started with autumnŠ—Ès "The Harvest" produced by Maker & winterŠ—Ès "Freezerburner" produced by Meaty Ogre. This time Qwel has tapped the talents of Kip Killagain, who has fostered renown in the underground music scene as an artist and more importantly a jungle/hip-hop producer. The genesis of this collaborative effort was sparked by the idea that the avant-garde use of live musicianship in hip-hop production could be done, and is needed to fill that void in the underground hip-hop community.ξ
The New Wine is an expose of contrasts. The third horseman in Revelation is called forth - the black horse. His rider wields a balance proclaiming loudly "A weekŠ—Ès wage for a loaf of bread, a weekŠ—Ès wage for a serving of grains, but donŠ—Èt harm the wine or oil". Half the world slaves away to starve while the other wages war for its thirst for oil and wine. ManŠ—Ès wine has gone spoiled.ξ
But just as the gloom of spring rain clears to a better day, so is the promise of the new wine. QwelŠ—Ès unique and cynical outlook into our modern Babylon provides for an amazing range of sounds and topics, while contrarily giving way to hope in this plastic culture of Americanized Christianity and pop singers.ξ
The sound of the new wine is unlike any of QwelŠ—Ès previous records. Beautiful soundscapes of live violin often give way to thunderous baselines and soothing harmonies, further proclaiming Spring time is upon us. Drink the New Wine.
Track Listing;

  1. Adam & Eve
  2. Big Eyes
  3. Agape Rain
  4. Innuendo
  5. B.rainwashing
  6. Starved Rock
  7. The New Wine
  8. Can't Fool The Blues
  9. Frost Seeding
  10. Reality TV
  11. Grinding Gear
  12. Bonita Bitrell
  13. Internet Killed The Video Star
  14. Heliocentric

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