Rast RFC "Across West 3rd Street" Vinyl

Rast RFC "Across West 3rd Street" Vinyl

Vinyl - $16.50

10 tracks of raw NY hip hop at its finest. RAST RFC is raw, gritty, New York Hip Hop in its purest form. This LP fits perfectly in the DOPE FOLKS mindset. Limited to 300 copies in a diecut sticker cover never to be repressed. 

Track Listing:
Side A

  1. Spoken Word
  2. Back In The Daze
  3. Killer
  4. Life After Death
  5. Bad Dope

Side B

  1. Forgive Me
  2. The Gun Don't Make The Man
  3. The Good, The Bad, And Me
  4. Mark David Chapman
  5. Basquiat




Type: Music

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