Raury "All We Need"

Raury "All We Need"

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His second full-length album  19 year-old Raury Tullis an impassioned and vexed hip-hop/soul/folk prodigy. Sung and rapped lyrics on irresponsible friends and lovers, modern consumerism and poverty enflame an outstanding album that blazes through his almost showy arsenal. But Raury’s scrappiness keeps things authentic. The frantic “Revolution” crunches with intent, “Trap Tears” flits outrageously between gorgeous, earnest acoustic verses and a low-slung crunk chorus and even the lighter moments (“Mama”, “Friends”) have a Woodstock earthiness.


1. All We Need
2. Revolution
3. Forbidden Knowledge
4. Woodcrest Manor II
5. CPU
6. Devil's Whisper
7. Peace Prevail
8. Crystal Express
9. Love Is Not A Four Letter Word
10. Her
11. Trap Tears
12. Mama
13. Kingdom Come
14. Friends

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