Raw Poetic and K-Def "Cool Convos in Quantum Speech" Vinyl LP

Raw Poetic and K-Def "Cool Convos in Quantum Speech" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $19.99
  • Cool Convos in Quantum Speech is Raw PoeticŠ—Èsξfirst collaboration with K-Def since 2012Š—Ès Easy WayξOut EP.
  • K-Def is legendary in underground hip-hop circlesξfor his work as in-house producer for Marley MarlŠ—ÈsξŠ—“House of HitsŠ—?
  • This release comes on the heels of Raw PoeticŠ—Èsξrecent joint album with Kev Brown (2014Š—ÈsξConcentrated Maneuvers) frequently collaboratesξwith Damu the Fudgemunk, as well as his work inξPanacea and Restoring Poetry in Music.
"One of hip-hopŠ—Ès most slept on emcees Raw Poetic (of Panacea and Restoring Poetry In Music) recently teamed up with producer K-Def for a Redefinition Records release in the form of Cool Convos in Quantum Speech. Raw Poetic never strays too far away from jazz-underlined production and that still applies for Cool Convos.

What makes the emcee so tantalizingly raw with his microphone abilities comes from his natural groove that emulates through his technical but always honey-like flow.

K-Def provides drum breaks and jazzy melodies with minor elements of spacey ambiance to create a semifuturistic vibe on Cool Convos in Quantum Speech. Raw Poetic is a modern emcee with a sound brimming in the nostalgia of 90s hip-hop, and K-Def perfectly hones in on a boom-bap sound refined with clean samples, making these two a great duo.Š—? - Hip-Hop Speakeasy

Track List:

´Žè1) Cool Convos

2) Easy Way Out

3) Black Muzical

4) Whisper Mercury

5) Portal

6) No Difference

7) Midlife

8) Water Works

9) Vanilla Skies

10) Lotto

11) StealinŠ—È Bread

12) Echo One

13) Bonus Track: Air Walks


Type: Music

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