Red Pill "Look What The World Did To Us" CD

Red Pill "Look What The World Did To Us" CD

CD - $12.99
  • "The Best Music is From The Gut and Red Pill Sounds Like He Didn't Question a Single Syllable." -Smoking Section
  • Member of Apollo Brown's Group "Ugly Heroes" & also Appeared on MTVWrap Up 'Get in the Game' with Sway Calloway

"Look What This World Did To Us", the command is rhetorical. You're already aware of the echo, the generational discontent and alienation, the whispered and denied calls for absolution. No need to look around, just check your bank account and sigh -- or echo Biggie and scream, "Fuck the World!"

Your favorite song will be determined by what theme you relate to most. "Look What The World Did To Us" is in league with the best of early Atmosphere or Open Mike Eagle's Dark Comedy, a modern hustle of machinery and migraines. These are the late night conversations you have with your friends. The idle nights and empty bottles, the hard questions that come after you realize the world might not be yours.

Track List: 

1) Meh (prod KuroiOto)

2) That's Okay (prod L'Orange)

3) Rap Game Cranky (prod Duke Westlake)

4) Windows (prod Castle)

5) kIDS (prod Hir-O)

6) Smoke Rings (prod Red Pill)

7) Leonard Letdown (prod L'Orange)

8) Blus (prod Dayggs & Reed Eller)

9) Rum & Coke (prod Red Pill)

10) Drown (prod Hir-O)

11) Look What The World Did To Us (prod Red Pill)

12) 10 Year Party (prod Red Pill)

Type: Music

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