Reggie Capers "Suspect" Vinyl EP

Reggie Capers "Suspect" Vinyl EP

Vinyl - $16.50

Dope Folks Records 40th release is from QUEENS, NY... REGGIE CAPERS! They have expanded his classic 1997 single "SUSPECT" with the radio versions of both "SUSPECT" and "SERVIN' MC'S" and have included the previously unreleased on WAX "SUSPECT STREET VERSION" and "I APOLOGIZE". Limited edition of 300 vinyl copies, never to be repressed. Get yours now!

Track Listing:

Side One:

1. Suspect

2. Servin' MC's

3. I Apologize

Side Two:

4. Suspect (Radio)

5. Servin' MC's (Radio)

6. Suspect (Instrumental)

Type: Music

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