Revolutionaries "Dub Out Her Blouse & Skirt Vol. 1" (Vinyl LP)

Revolutionaries "Dub Out Her Blouse & Skirt Vol. 1" (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP - $20.99

Long needed reissue of producer Donovan Germain's first dub LP from 1979. Rhythms laid at Channel 1 with the Revolutionaries, and mixed at Joe Gibbs' studio by Errol T and Errol Brown. Featuring killer dubs to some of Germain's best productions of the time, including tracks by roots harmony legends Cultural Roots.

This LP was originally released thru Brooklyn's legendary Keith's record shop, and a couple of the song titles give a nod to the shop's crew. The brilliant cover art shows you a couple well on their way to what the title suggests.


  1. Wisdom Dub
  2. Juliets's Delight
  3. Festus Style
  4. So Much Dub
  5. Craven Park Dub
  6. Don't Break This Dub
  7. Ready To Dub
  8. Hot Stepping Dub
  9. Central Dub
  10. Cultural Dub

Type: Music

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