Rich Garvey "Rich In Spirit" CD

Rich Garvey "Rich In Spirit" CD

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"Rich In Spirit" is a free EP music series sponsored by The album is a reflection of Rich's soul and the mentality of someone not blessed with monitory wealth, but spiritually is still rich. Its a common phrase that people use and this album will take you through his journey. The concept of the album was created by long time friend and fellow emcee Mike Dreams.

It is the joy of this art form; that is Rhythm and Poetry. Rich In Spirit EP consists of 6 tracks with a special bonus track, ("Do It Big" feat. Meta & Mike The Martyr *only on physical CD) of diverse topics filled with soul based production; along with elements of Jazz, Funk, Electronica, and DownTempo grooves. This project showcases Rich's creativity and metaphoric delivery in each track. Every song is either crafted by or is featuring a good friend of his. The origin of the record is a sense of community that the album was intended to reflect. Sonically each track has something completely different for the listener to enjoy which makes it an electric pallet. We know that true hip-hop fans will enjoy this project thoroughly.


1. "King S@#t" (Prod. Brando of 925ve)
2. "Angel" (Prod. Rich Garvey)
3. "47%ers" feat. Freez of Illuminous 3 (Prod. Psymun)
4. "The Land Of" feat. AK Knowledge (Prod. B Creative)
5. "La La La" feat. Slim Chance, Q's Junction, Lipset (Prod. Amati)
6. "As Good As It Gets" feat. Bohemian Wolff (Prod. Psymun)
*(only available via physical copy)
7. "Do It Big" feat. Meta, Mike The Martyr (Prod. Psymun)

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