RJD2 "Inversions of The Colossus" CD

RJD2 "Inversions of The Colossus" CD

CD - $14.99

Inversions of the Colossus is an instrumental companion to The Colossus. More than just "the instrumentals" of seven vocal songs on the album: you also get 7 new songs. Ranging from banging dancefloor funk to extreme psychedelia, "Inversions" follows the same no format approach as "The Colossus" did.

Track Listing;

  1. The Perfect Occasion
  2. Games You Can Win (Instrumental)
  3. Liquid Luck
  4. The Glow (Instrumental)
  5. In 3's
  6. The Shining Path (Instrumental)
  7. Crumbs Off The Table (Instrumental)
  8. A Son's Cycle (Instrumental)
  9. A Moment of Weakness
  10. The First Sights of Land
  11. Might As Well Step Forward
  12. Gypsy Caravan (Instrumental)
  13. Walk With Me (Instrumental)
  14. Calm Down

Type: Music

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