RJD2 "Magnificent City: Instrumentals" CD

RJD2 "Magnificent City: Instrumentals" CD

The critics were unanimous in saluting RJD2's bold and ambitious production work for Aceyalone's "Magnificent City". "Pairing cool synths with slinky grooves and Guitars" says XLR8R Magazine, "this production work emulates the clean, crisp style RJD2 showcased on "Since We Last Spoke".

The success of this album is the diversity of moods explored. "Disconnected" is a classic Deadringer-era RJ beat, while a track like "High Lights" has a funky 70's appeal. "Cornbread, Eddie & Me" or "Supahero" provide a darker, hard pounding beat that marks a new evolution for the Philadelphia-based producer. Another element that stands out is the more cinematic style RJ developed during the process of this recording, using sound effects to add drama, and eventuallysheer enjoyment. With its wide array of moods and constant attention to detail, "Magnificent City Instrumentals"stands proudly on its own.

Track Listing;

  1. All For U
  2. Fire
  3. Cornbread, Eddy And Me
  4. Mooore
  5. Supahero
  6. High Lights
  7. Disconnected
  8. Caged Bird
  9. Solomon Jones
  10. A Sunday Mystery
  11. Junior
  12. Heaven
  13. Here & Now
  14. A Beautiful Mine

Type: Music

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