Rob Swift "The Architect" CD

Rob Swift "The Architect" CD

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Always challenging the idea of what Hip Hop is and testing that notion any chance he can get, on his new album The Architect, Rob takes Hip Hop and effortlessly blends it with the genre of Classical music to create an album that acts as the soundtrack to his vision of where Hip Hop can head rather than where it is right now. The Architect also marks Rob Swifts debut release on Mike Pattons Ipecac Recordings label, a perfect fit as both men have been challenging the notion of music for years. They have previously toured together promoting Pattons Peeping Tom project and their collaborative effort General Patton Vs. The X-ecutioners. With a history that grabs heavily from jazz, Rob now pushes the boundaries of music even further, championing its limitless possibilities. Anyone whos followed my career since my first mix tape in 1995 Soulful Fruit, knows that Ive historically turned to jazz as a way to help convey my ideas as a DJ in the realm of Hip Hop. However, in June of 2008, I was introduced to the genre of classical music and that was a pivotal moment for me as an artist. His introduction to composers like Mozart, Bach, and Chopin, opened up a whole new musical vocabulary for Rob. He became an eager student of the genre, soaking up as much knowledge as he could and while recording The Architect, he saw parallels between building his own compositions and those of classical composers. So he began thinking in terms of what would composers like Chopin and Bach do if scratching existed back in their time? Staying true to this question, sections of the album are arranged in movements.

Track Listing;

  1. Overture
  2. Introduction
  3. The Architect
  4. Principo ft. Breez Evahflown
  5. Story of a Man
  6. Sound the Horn
  7. Prelude to the 1st Movement
  8. Rabia - 1st Movement
  9. Rabia - 2nd Movement
  10. Rabia - 3rd Movement
  11. D.R.E.W.
  12. Intermission
  13. Lower Level - 1st Movement
  14. Lower Level - 2nd Movement
  15. Lower Level - 3rd Movement
  16. Spartacus
  17. Sound the Horn (Reprise)
  18. Ultimo ft. Breez Evahflown

Type: Music

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