Ron Artiste "R.I.D.S." CD

Ron Artiste "R.I.D.S." CD

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Born out of a casual conversation about how amazingly skilled yet unexpected this project has become, was the moniker known as Ron Artest. Indirectly the attitude of this album mirrors that of one of the most entertaining NBA basketball players of our time, Mister Meta World Peace himself. Born before his name change from the infamous Ron Artest, Roc C and Chali2na, did a song called " One for the Money" which quickly lead to The creation of 22 or more tracks of unexpected fire! Attracting the most unpredictable roster of producers and guest stars, the energy of this project could easily be compared to none other than The athlete formally known as Ron. But with a twist! This ain't the NBA y'all... This is Hip Hop!!!


Track Listing:

1. Rontro 

2. Ron’s Theme (Feat Ed Og) 

3. Trapped In 

4. Wisewords (Feat Oh No) 

5. Noplace2hide (Feat Big Pooh) 

6. Bar Catchers 

7. High Enuff (Feat Krondon) 

8. I Will (Feat Ariano) 

9. Riot In Da Stands (Feat Casual Of Hiero) 

10. Prepared (Feat Lmno) 

11. You Try 

12. Go Hard (Feat Med) 

13. Follow 

14. Ang Artiste’ (Feat Ang 13) 

15. Meta Artiste’ (Feat Tristate & Alchemist) 

16. Homicide (Feat King T) 

Type: Music

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